Our multidisciplinary research group is focused on micro and nanoscale “lab-on-a-chip (LoC)” concepts for molecular/cellular level analysis of diseases. We develop and deploy advanced and innovative methods, devices and systems to enable the development of next-generation of tools for biomedical diagnostics and life science research. By harnessing and understanding the unique physical, chemical and biological processes in micro/nanoscale devices and by developing peripheral electronics and optics, we aim to address various challenges in today’s molecular study of diseases, such as sensitivity, specificity, high-throughput, multiplexing, and cost etc.

[PHD Positions Available]: We are looking for highly motivated PhD students  who have experimental experience in the following fields: MEMS devices, lab-on-a-chip devices, point-of-care testing, micro/nanofabrication, micro/nanofluidics, bio-instrumentation, biosensors, bioelectronics, bio-photonics.

Recent News

  • [2017-07-08] Xiaonan’s paper on high-throughput and label-free microfluidics deformability sensor was accepted to Biosensors and Bioelectronics. Congratulations.
  • [2017-05-02] Grateful to the National Science Foundation for a grant on nanofluidics work.
  • [2017-03-16] A book chapter in ‘Biosensors and Biodetection‘ by Dr. Guan is available online. This is  Part of the Methods in Molecular Biology book series.
  • [2017-02-08] Gihoon passed the EE PHD Entrance to Candidacy, Congratulations!
  • [2017-02-07] Malaria POCT highlighted on the Lab on a Chip blog. Congratulations!
  • [2017-01-23] Group Members (Gihoon, Xiaonan, Daniel and Weihua attended IEEE MEMS 2017 Conference.
  • [2016-12-12] We welcome Yiming Liu, PhD student from BME, to join our lab for rotation research.
  • [2016-11-01] Gihoon and Daniel’s paper was featured in the back cover of Journal Lab on a Chip. Congratulations!
  • [2016-09-28] Our group’s first two journal papers are accepted this past week. Gihoon and Daniel’s paperaccepted to Lab on a Chip. Zhuofa’s paper accepted to Sensors. Congratulations!
  • [2016-08-20] Gihoon’s paper  accepted to IEEE‐NIH 2016 Special Topics Conference on Healthcare Innovations and Point‐of‐Care Technologies (HI-POCT’16).

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