Postdoctorate Associates

Currently, there is no postdoc opening in our lab.

PhD Students

We are recruiting exceptional Ph.D. candidates with:
1. Passion for innovation and excellence; pursuit of results and success.
2. Excellent training in Engineering, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry. We recruit candidates with strong background in engineering or physics to develop new technologies; we also recruit candidates with strong background in chemistry or biology to develop new applications for these technologies.
3. Strong publication record in the bioMEMS/bioNEMS/Microfluidics/Analytical Chemistry/Lab-on-Chip areas is highly preferred.
4. Ability and willingness to collaborate and work in a team.
Please follow http://www.eecs.psu.edu/students/graduate/Graduate-Degree-Programs-EE.aspx to check more details and requirements for the graduate degree programs in Electrical Engineering.

MS Students

Thesis based MS Students are encouraged to explore relevant projects in our lab.

Undergraduate Students

We always welcome highly motivated undergraduate students, especially the students supported by the Schreyer Honors Program, REU, etc., to join our group. Please contact Prof. Guan with your current transcripts and cv when inquiring the opportunity.

Visiting Students/Scholars

We welcome self-supported visiting students/scholars to conduct research in our lab.