BYOD – Bring your own data(problems)

Please come and join us for the first BYOD Hacking Science event on Thursday, November the 29th in the Millennium Science Complex (W-306).

The BYOD event is an opportunity for you to give your fellow Hacking Science community members a window into your data. Highlight your data set. Gripe about a common data problem you run into. Share why working with data is problematic. Demonstrate a cool tool that saves you a bunch of time when working with data. Bring your own data, bring your hacker spirit, and the result will be a better understanding of “data science” at Penn State, which will be used to form an agenda for an upcoming hackathon event. Participants are encouraged to talk about their projects, data, problems and solutions in a rapid presentation not to exceed 3 minutes.

If you want to show slides, or actual data, please bring along your laptop.

Free food will be served.

Please register here:




    BYOD – Bring your own data(problems) | Hacking Science

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    BYOD – Bring your own data(problems) | Hacking Science

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