Hackathon January 21st

With less than two weeks to go before Jan 21, we’d like to invite you once again to participate in the Hacking Science Hackathon.

The Hackathon is an opportunity to prototype an app, get your hands dirty with data problems you might be having, or help someone else with their problem. In the beautiful commons room on the 3rd floor of the Millennium Science Complex, we’ll start at 10 am with some coffee, bagels and assemble in groups looking to work on interesting problems. At 11 am, we’ll start the hacking!

Free food will be available throughout the day. After dinner at 7 pm, groups will demo their problem and their progress, after which hacking will commence into the night.

To make matchmaking of interests and skills easier, we are putting up two Google docs – one for ideas, and one for people / skills. Feel free to put up your own info and get in touch with others before the event.

Please register early for the event, it’ll make our lives much easier in organizing the event. Thanks!

PS New here? Don’t forget to get on the email list, follow us on Twitter @hackingscience. We run regular Hands on Sessions on all kinds of topics – for upcoming ones in January, see http://sites.psu.edu/hackingscience/2013/01/01/hands-on-sessions-in-january/¬†


  1. Big Data analytics

    Hackathon January 21st | Hacking Science

  2. Data Science Training

    Hackathon January 21st | Hacking Science

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  4. Can we work on an existing project that we’ve already started on?

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