Community Perceptions of Local Foods Monograph

The Community Perceptions of Local Foods Monograph is now in print and available to view.


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Local food has become a common and loaded term in public discourse. To use the term
local food effectively, researchers must better understand the public’s understanding
and conceptualization of it. This study sought to better understand the definitions,
perceptions, and values related to local food in the State College area of Pennsylvania.
It utilized a transdisciplinary framework that encouraged purposeful engagement with
the public, as well as contributions from scholars across various academic disciplines.

About the Author

Lacey K Goldberg
Lacey Goldberg received her MLA in 2014 and is presently working on her dual-title Ph.D. in Architecture and Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and the Environment, both from Penn State. There, she works as a researcher in the Hamer Center for Community Design and as an instructor in Landscape Architecture. Lacey’s graduate work has focused on the visual impacts of energy development, specifically natural gas extractive industries, and their effects on the scenic and cultural landscapes of Pennsylvania and other locales. Her current research focuses on utilizing crowdsourced data and developing procedures for integrating visual and cultural resource conservation into regional scale landscape management plans.
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