Resume Bloopers! Are you guilty of any funny typos?

Have you proofread your resume?  Great.  Now go back and do it again. Have you  run spell check?  Great. But spell check won’t catch the following errors. (Oh, and these are all real):

“Worked in a timely and efficient manor” (manner)
[Microsoft Word doesn’t know the difference between a large estate and your habits]

“Restocks selves and set up store displays” (shelves)
[Word doesn’t think it’s weird for you to take a self-inventory.  Employers do.]

“American College of Trail Lawyers” (Trial)
[Although I’m sure there are hiking-specific cases, only you can catch this one.]

“Strong communion skills” (communication)                                                                                   [Keep religion off your resume]

“Worked on research with a faulty member” (faculty)                                                                             [Don’t add your opinions about teachers]


And then, ask a friend to take a look…or a career counselor (email to:

What typos have you seen on resumes?

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