Have an interview? Don’t forget the Thank You Note.

Be gracious and professional. Say Thank you.

writing on theworkbuzz.com, reminds candidates:

Always send a thank-you note after an interview.”

“The thank-you note is a key part of your competitive edge. (It’s also just a nice thing to do and it would make your mother proud to know you have manners.) Following up after a job interview is crucial to keep yourself top of mind with the hiring manager. It also exemplifies your level of professionalism. Like your résumé, the thank-you note is another marketing tool to remind the interviewer why you’re the best candidate for the job. Without it, you could be forgotten.”

See how he advises using the 6 W’s of journalism–Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How–when writing thank you notes. (Actually, they’re five W’s and one H.)

“Remember, the entire job search process is a strategic marketing effort; use every tool and maximize every opportunity. While many employers might say that they don’t need a thank-you note, chances are they’ll remember the person who sends one versus the one who doesn’t. This is why the Who and the What matter so much. If you’ve got their attention and are going to be remembered, might as well make it for something meaningful.”

Read his entire blog post at http://www.theworkbuzz.com/get-the-job/interviews/the-6-ws-of-thank-you-notes/ .  It’s worth it!

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