Gearing up for the fall semester – The Career Services BLOG is BACK!

Welcome back to campus for the fall 2014 semester!                                                                               Get your schedule straightened out, buy or rent your books,                                                           join a club or two, plan your study time and MAKE OR UPDATE YOUR CAREER PLAN OF ACTION and
blog-logo-sm                                                                   By “Career Plan of Action” we mean you should make sure you are on track with your coursework and co-curricular experiences to put you in line for an internship or other            academically-related work experience. Part-time jobs, work-study jobs, assisting professors, research experience–they all add something to your life experience and help make you a stronger candidate for the next employer.

Keep ‘tuned to this station’ for quick tips on career development, workshop and employer informational events, career fairs, and just about anything else Career Services.  Bookmark this page, for easy access.   For now, start by rereading our last post from June; it includes tips on preparing for the fall semester!

We will also add content from some other sources on the web that we think you should read. And, we invite you, our readers, whether students, faculty or staff, to share your insights, questions or topic suggestions, with us. Just email:   with your ideas.

And visit Career Services in Room 216 Educational Activities Building (EAB) South, M-F 8-5 .

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