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Health Promotion and Wellness has moved

During Spring Break, Health Promotion and Wellness (HPW) moved from The Student Health Center to the Intramural Building. HPW still offers the same services but in a different location. HPW has the following programs, services, and offerings:


1. BASICS – Brief Alcohol Intervention for College Students
2. FFM – Freedom from Smoking program
3. MIP – Marijuana Intervention program
4. Nutrition clinic
5. Relaxation Room
6. Sexual health supplies
7. Wellness Services – Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, Sleep, Stress, Healthy Relationships/Sexual Health, and Financial Wellness


Check out the website for more details.
The HPW Office is open 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. You may also call HPW at 814.863.0461 or contact us at
We look forward to seeing you in Suite 001 and Suite 20 in the Intramural Building!

Test Anxiety

As finals week approaches, most Penn Staters begin to flock to their favorite study spots to start preparations for a grueling week of exams and projects. Worrying about exams is common, and can even help your mind stay focused and sharp. However, when worrying becomes intense and overwhelming, it may be test anxiety.
Test anxiety can affect anyone. Experts suggest a few simple strategies that everyone can use to help reduce test anxiety and increase your chances for success during finals week.

  1. Learn what study styles work for you. Think about exams you have done well on in the past. How did you study for those exams? Consider using similar strategies for upcoming exams.
  2. Establish a routine. Make a schedule for the next few weeks to help you follow a similar routine each day. On the days of your exams, follow the same steps. This will help you feel calm and well prepared.
  3. Eat healthy and stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and fuel your body with healthy food during study sessions. Your body and brain need attention when studying. Check out some easy, healthy recipes at:
  4. Be active. Exercise to relieve stress and boost your mood. Although you may feel like you are too busy studying, it’s important to take an active break.
  5. Sleep is important. Sleep after studying to help encode new information into long term memory.  This will help you recall the information on the day of the exam. Getting a good night’s sleep is important when you’re studying for exams.
  6. Take a break. Check out Penn State Libraries’ De-Stress Fest.

  1. Ask for help. Consider meeting with your professor or a staff person from Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). If you think you are experiencing test anxiety, talk to somebody about it. Book an appointment with CAPS at: 814-863-0395.