When Participatory Research and Business Strategy Collide: Lessons from Base-of-Pyramid Ventures

Andrew Grzybowski, Blair Mathias, and Khanjan Mehta

NCIIA Annual Conference

Grzybowski, A., Mathias, B., Mehta, K., “When Participatory Research and Business Strategy Collide: Lessons from Base-of-Pyramid Ventures,” NCIIA Annual Conference, San Francisco, March 2012


Base-of-Pyramid ventures must be designed with the intimate involvement of all stakeholders to ensure that the designs meet their needs and preferences and contribute to a self-determined improvement of livelihoods and agency. Participatory research engages community members in identifying their problems, articulating their context and resources and developing appropriate, effective, and sustainable solutions. The research aspect is crucial to developing the product, business model, implementation strategy, and scale-up strategy. Participation in the research endeavor can lead to expectations and ownership, which although desirable, have the potential to negatively impact the success of the venture and limit its scalability. Simultaneously, the information inaccuracies that owe their genesis to the expectations built by the venture can compromise the validity and integrity of the research endeavor. This exploratory paper discusses the tensions and conflicts that arise in integrated research and entrepreneurship ventures in developing country contexts.



Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/257142637_When_Participatory_Research_and_Business_Strategy_Collide_Lessons_from_Base-of-Pyramid_Ventures


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