Development of code of ethics for an entrepreneurial telemedicine venture in Africa

Chanda Turner, and Khanjan Mehta

NCIIA Annual Meeting

Turner, C., Mehta, K., “Development of code of ethics for an entrepreneurial telemedicine venture in Africa“, NCIIA Annual Meeting, San Francisco, March 2010


Students at the Pennsylvania State University are working on a social entrepreneurial venture in Kenya called Mashavu: Networked Health Solutions for the Developing World. Mashavu is a telemedicine system that enables medical professionals to connect with patients in rural communities. The Mashavu kiosk operators, medical practitioners, website administrators, and other individuals connected to the Mashavu network are expected to adhere to the highest principles of ethical conduct. We had developed Code of Ethics for Mashavu based on universal health policies and guidelines. Our observations and lessons learned while conducting field research in Kenya have forced us to rethink our approach to developing and ensuring compliance with our Code of Ethics. This study explores the realities of privacy, liability, trust, hygiene, quality, business practices, and social customs in developing communities and discusses the systems thinking methodology we are employing to develop the ethical, policy, and compliance framework to roll out the Mashavu venture.

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