Student Information

Students chosen to participate in this independent study project will be expected to achieve certain objectives based on their chosen course of study:

* Compare energy efficiency and luminous efficacy for various light sources
* Use theories and fundamentals of LEDs, circuitry, and solar power to power energy-efficient devices with green energy in DC mode
* Design a converter to power LED light sources with solar energy
* Design a converter that can also transmit signals/information with the light sources
* Use energy-efficient devices (LEDs) for wireless communications (Wi-Fi and visible light)
* Perform market trend and SWOT analyses to study advantages and challenges of solar energy, LED lighting and visible light communications
* Establish proof-of-relevance studies
* Learn entrepreneurial skills to market energy-efficient technologies to diverse audiences
* Develop a collaborative relationship with corporations and leading industries
* Develop marketing messages that communicate the advantages of energy-efficient technologies to diverse audiences


Instructor and students look at web designs.

Instructor Richard Martin shows students engineering designs.