PAS #10 – Long Island Medium


A few episodes ago there was a parody on SNL of a commercial for a television show. It portrayed Kate McKinnon as Theresa Caputo, also known as the Long Island Medium. I found it pretty funny because of the ridiculous New York accents but I didn’t really understand it because I had never seen this apparent show. The sketch seemed so exaggerated with the medium just walking up to random people in a supermarket and asking if they had a mother who passed. I didn’t have any particular interest in researching the show or watching it.

Kate McKinnon as Theresa Caputo on SNL


The real Long Island medium: Theresa Caputo

A week or two later I was doing physics homework with a girl and she mentioned something about the show. I asked what exactly it was and she explained to me and said it was such a good show and that she watched it all the time. Then the next week was Thanksgiving break so I was home and this show happened to come on when my family was watching TV one night. As soon as I saw what this Theresa Caputo looked like I died. Kate McKinnon looked exactly like her in the sketch. As the show progressed I discovered that she had the same mannerisms and Theresa actually did walk up to people in different stores and just start telling them about their relatives who had passed. Even her family looked exactly the same. The host that night, Jeremy Renner, pulled off a fantastic Larry Caputo, the husband of Theresa. SNL could not have captured this show any more perfectly.

Theresa’s husband Larry

Jeremy Renner as Larry Caputo on SNL.

Before writing this blog I looked up to do a tad bit of research on the show. I assumed that it was in its first season since SNL covered it and they like to keep things current. However after consulting the TCL website, Wikipedia (I know, shame on me), and IMDB (my go-to movie and TV show website) I discovered that the show is currently in it’s third season! I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this show before but I actually find it interesting and amazing. The episodes get a bit repetitive but the accents get me and the ridiculousness of the whole thing is great. It’s always great when Saturday Night Live introduces me to other guilty pleasures and when their sketches are spot on.


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