Description: Eddy covariance flux tower observations

TITLE: Eddy covariance flux tower observations of the urban environment in Indianapolis, Indiana
PROJECT: Indianapolis Flux Experiment (INFLUX)
DATES: Jan 2013 – Present

ABSTRACT: Urban canopy models have been developed over the past decade in order to try and replicate the unique interactions between urban environments and the atmosphere. Mesoscale weather models have added these urban canopy models but these models still have issues when trying to simulate the urban environment on small scales. It is important to accurately simulate the meteorological interaction characteristics of urban environments. These interactions typically include but are not limited to: increases in atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) height, increases in surface air temperature, decreases in surface water vapor flux, and an increase in the land surface temperature, all relative to a rural, more heavily vegetated environment. Our goal is to evaluate the modeled meteorology with observations, identify discrepancies, and identify ways to reduce these discrepancies, through the use of flux observations.

COMMENTS: Four towers of the current INFLUX are instrumented to measure the surface energy and CO2 fluxes over the urban landscape of Indianapolis. In order to calculate the components of surface energy flux, instruments that are capable of gathering high frequency wind speed (in the vertical and horizontal planes), virtual temperature, and water vapor concentration will be used. The instruments, which are mounted 30 m above ground level, include four-component (incoming and outgoing shortwave and longwave radiation) radiation sensors, three-dimensional sonic anemometers (CSAT-3), and LI-COR 7500 open-path infrared CO2 and H2O gas analyzers.

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