Instructional Design at Penn State Lehigh Valley

A resource for faculty on all things related to teaching with technology

Instructional Tools – Penn State tools and other useful tools for instructors and students

ANGEL – resources to help you with using ANGEL


Instructional Technology is all about the use of technology in teaching and learning.

Classroom Technology – some of the technology you’ll find in our classrooms along with links to operating manuals

Web Tools – there are thousands of tools available online.  This list illustrates some of the more popular ones.

Teaching Resources – includes Accessibility, Copyright, Course Content Resources, Video Resources, Library information and more

Penn State Lehigh Valley Faculty Handbook

TLA Program at Penn State Lehigh Valley

Hybrid and Online Teaching – information for instructors who want to teach online

FlexLearning at Penn State Lehigh Valley

Online Learning Practices at Penn State Lehigh Valley


Contact Information

Dean Shaffer

Dean Shaffer, Instructional Designer

Dean Shaffer, Instructional Designer
Room 217-D
Saucon Building, Penn State Lehigh Valley