Platypus Defense (Awesome Platypus Studios)

Take control of a platypus army and hero to protect your nest from invading predators in Platypus Defense, the debut release from Awesome Platypus Studios.


Build towers to defend your nest by clicking on bushes to access the build menu. Click on towers that you have already built to upgrade or sell them. Different tower types have different uses and are effective against different enemies (more information can be found on the game page).

Use WASD to control your platypus hero. As the hero gains experience by killing enemies, he unlocks new abilities to use against the invading waves. To start you can cleave enemies in front of you in a wide arc (press 1 or click on “cleave” button). The jump ability allows you to leap to a nearby spot by clicking within the range circle surrounding your hero, slowing any enemies you land near for 5 seconds (press 2 or click the “jump” button). Lastly, the dash ability lets you dash forward in a straight line for a short burst, damaging all enemies in your path (press 3 or click the “dash” button).

We hope you enjoy Platypus Defense, available wherever Flash plugins can play.

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