Paperclickers Project

Hello there!

In this post I will present my Master thesis project called Paperclickers. In my dissertation, we proposed two affordable solutions for classroom response systems aiming at teachers and students’ use of active learning tools as part of classroom reality which may cause positive impact. One solution uses Bring your own device (BYOD) idea and the other solution approaches image-processing idea. Our image-processing proposition is called Paperclickers. Paperclickers kept the BYOD idea, but in this case the instructor has to be the one to bring the device instead of the student. That way, we will avoid student distraction during lecture and also will guarantee all students participation. In addition, the instructor will carry on his device through all his classes and may use the application when appropriated. The instructor will use his smartphone camera to scan the class, then he will visualize the results on his device. The image below illustrates paperclickers proposed design interaction in class.

As said, the instructor will use his personal phone with an application to capture the class response. Instead of a personal device for each student in class, the students will hold up a cardboard with a sign. This sign will represent the student identification and can be printed in a small sheet of paper. Also, the sign orientation represents multiple-choice answer. The result of class response will be shown on the device in real time. Then, as a contribution of our project, we will provide a mobile application to recognize the codes accomplishing the system requirement.

As part of the project, our group provided Paperclickers promoted video aiming a widely visualization of our work.

Well, I hope you liked it! Any comments or suggestions, please contact me.


Jomara Bindá

PS: You can activate subtitles on Paperclickers video.