September 5

Brief Introduction

In today’s world, most kids are introduced to a wide range of sports at a very young age. Enter many kitchens and you see the refrigerator covered with pictures of kids in their various athletic uniforms, compliments of the leagues’ “picture days”.  I know from experience that my brother is on ours in his football uniform, baseball uniform and lacrosse uniform.

When you’re young, and don’t know what sports you’re “good” at, or love, you try them all.  This wasn’t the case for me.

When my parents signed me up for my first gymnastics class little did they know that gymnastics was going to be the only sport I ever played. I fell in love with it and never tried anything else after that.

So, in the posts to follow I’m going to explain to you my journey with the sport.

I’ll start with describing my memories from the Mommy & Me classes I started with to when I stared competing for a gym that was forty minutes away from my home. In eighth grade I qualified for Eastern Nationals after lots of hardwork but had a major setback afterwards that changed the course of my career (you’ll have to read to find out what happened).  My life changed yet again as I joined my high school’s gymnastics team my sophomore year. My high school experience culminated in an unbelievably successful senior year where I finally accomplished many long term goals.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

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  1. ajs680

    I’m glad you decided on gymnastics as your passion blog topic! Interesting in that you’re going in chronological order, too!


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