John Roe’s Homepage

Hello all, and welcome to John Roe’s website!   You can find the “old” front page, with is topic postings, here:

There is some “construction work” going on here.  Most (though perhaps not all) of my professional colleagues and others likely to visit this site know that I have an incurable cancer and am not likely to be around too much longer.  In that light, I’m trying to turn this page into a central reference point for those who are interested in my online writings (and occasional videos) on all kinds of issues, whether they are mathematical or related to other aspects of my calling.  Eventually there will be a bunch of links here, some of which will take you to off-site blogs that I curate (like Points of Inflection or Are You Receiving Me?), and others will allow custom searches of the range of material I have authored.   That’s the dream anyhow.   Meanwhile, nothing has gone away – you can still find the math stuff by following the “blog” link I gave above or in the top menu.  It’ll take a little while to get this together how I want it.  In the mean time, forgive any delays.  The most important thing right now is to be with people I love.