PAS 1 Tennis is a Family Sport for a Lifetime

Every family has a hobby that they bond over. For some families, movies or hiking do the trick, but for my family, tennis is the only hobby that had ever interested all five of us. My Mom and Dad met playing tennis in sixth grade for their local middle school team and they have been playing every day since. My Mom played collegiate tennis for Mount Saint Mary’s in Emmetsburg Maryland, and my Dad played tennis for Frostburg State University in Cumberland Maryland. After graduating college my Dad decided to turn his passion into a occupation and became a tennis teaching pro which he pursued for three years before deciding to attend law school.

I grew up in a family of three boys so the competition was always fierce. I began playing tennis at age six. After my first lesson, I fell in love with the game, as did my two younger brothers. At age ten I entered the regional tournament scene and continued to paly until I turned fifteen. During this time I won multiple sectional tournaments and had many amazing experiences. Once in high school I earned a place on the varsity tennis team and in four years we captured four conference championships. In four years of playing I posted a 40-5 total record and made some unforgettable memories.

My younger brothers followed a similar path, falling in love with the game at an early age and sticking with it to this day. Christopher who is two years younger than me, plays for my high schools junior varsity team and plays weekly. My youngest brother, William, is the crown jewel of the family. At only fourteen years of age William has played the game he loves across the country. He has an all time high ranking of fifteen in The Unites States of America.

So what does my family’s crazy obsession with tennis have to do with my blog? Well, over the past ten years between  my younger brothers, and myself, countless stories have been created. From the highs of winning championships to the lows of having to play with the stomach flu, my family has been there and done that. For this blog I will focus my attention to tennis in my family only. Through this blog I hope to communicate how the crazy world of junior tennis is (and believe me its crazy.)

Most people believe that tennis is a pretty basic and boring sport; well I am on a mission to prove otherwise. Between my brothers and I, we have experienced parents throwing chairs, arguments that turn into fistfights, tear of joy as well as tears of sadness. So the only thing that I will guarantee about this blog, is that you will come out of it with a different perspective of tennis and its players. One of the tennis greats Billy Jean King once said, “ Tennis is a perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility.” By the end of this blog I hope people will agree.


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  1. John,

    Tennis was huge in my high school too! Though I don’t play myself, I’ve seen the hard work and dedication required to succeed. I’ve also seen the way that tennis is able to bring people, of any age, together. This is a really cool passion and idea for a blog. I can’t wait to read more (although maybe not about the stomach flu).


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