Welcome to the Homepage of Knowlton’s Rangers at Penn State University

Mission Statement

The mission of the Order of Knowlton’s Rangers is to identify, develop, and support students with an unwavering commitment for service to the United States of America.


The goal of the Order of Knowlton’s Rangers is to promote scholarship, stimulate discourse, and prepare students for successful careers in foreign policy and national security.  In order to meet this goal, we hope to participate in simulations, host dinners with industry representatives, and have site visits in Washington, D.C.  Through these events members of the Order will have the chance to network and to develop the critical thinking, analytical, and leadership skills necessary to be successful in a career in public service.

Our History 

Our more recent legacy begins with Penn State’s prestigious Strategic and Global Security (SGS) Program.  Founded in 2009, by Dr. Henry “Hank” Foley, the former Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, and administered by Penn State’s Applied Research Laboratory, SGS was designated as an Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence (IC CAE) program by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.  The mandate of the program is to develop students with next-generation skills and competencies critical to the missions of the United States Intelligence Community and other national security organizations.  Members of SGS were high caliber individuals who were heavily recruited by national security entities.  Since the first graduating class in 2010, over 100 SGS have begun their careers in the U.S. government, industries in the national security enterprise, or advanced to national security-relevant graduate programs worldwide.  Over 60 Penn State SGS students have been placed in the U.S. Intelligence Community, more than all other IC CAE programs (30 universities and colleges) combined.  The Order of Knowlton’s Rangers carries this legacy.

Our namesake derives from the Revolutionary War.  George Washington tasked Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Knowlton with creating an elite unit to carry out reconnaissance missions and provide intelligence analysis, thus establishing America’s first intelligence organization.  Over 250 years later, we establish the Order of Knowlton’s Rangers at the Pennsylvania State University.

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