Briefcase Into a Helmet?

bike helmet

Jeff Woolf suffered a near death injury almost twenty years ago from an impact from an oncoming car. The only reason why he’s alive today is because he was wearing his helmet. Over 50% of Americans do not routinely wear a helmet while riding a bike. When a survey was taken, many replied with it being an inconvenience. To counter the survey, Jeff Woolf created a fold-able helmet that compares to the size of a textbook. Using the same concept of traditional helmets, he uses a hard plastic foam to surround softer foam to cushion an impact. The trick in his concept is that the hinges between the six sections of the helmet is internal flexible links created from foam as well. There is no metal or hard plastic reducing its safety. The product will no longer be an inconvenience because it can fit into backpacks, suitcases, laptop cases, ects. As it has already passed European safety tests, it is looking to pass U.S. standards in the next few months.

This concept should be very appealing in the U.S. As parents constantly fight for their kids to be safe, this could be a solution. The idea that only an inch of foam can protect someones head completely leaves me with doubt, but as polymers continue to be innovated, I believe technology can prove me wrong. This invention should be a big business boom only momentarily. For sure, there are patents on the product, but it’s only a matter of time until Toys R Us, Target, and other big name family stores will provide a cheaper model.


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