New Media Consortium 2015 Idea Lab Winner


White Papers

21 Mar. 2015: The Interdisciplinary Classroom: Conversations Worth Having Before You Start


Conference Presentations

11 Jun. 2015: Dolores Fidishun, Jacob Benfield, and William Cromar, “Exploring Visualization: Creating A Cross Disciplinary Collaborative Course Enhanced By Technology,” New Media Consortium Summer Conference 2015, Alexandria VA.

1 Jun. 2015: Yvonne Love, Joe Oakes, and Jake Benfield, “Art and the Collaborative Ground,” 6th Annual Athens Institute for Education and Research International Conference on Visual and Performing Arts, Athens, Greece.

11 Apr. 2015 (student presentation): George White and Eric West, poster presented at 10th Annual Greater Philadelphia Asian Studies Consortium Undergraduate Research Conference, Villanova University.

21 Mar. 2015: William Cromar and Joe Oakes, “Exploring Visualization: Collaboration and Technology,” Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference, Penn State University, University Park.


Related Courses Developed

Fall ’15: ACURA project on Meditation & Healing in Philadelphia; ACURA project on Elderly Reactions to Simulated Experiences using Oculus Rift.

Fall ’15: Interdisciplinary integration between  Intro to Asian Religions, Intro to East Asian History, and Intro to Sculpture classes.

Spring ’16: Psychology and IST collaborative course on psychology of gaming.