The Text

Secret Essential Methods for Curing Meditation Illness 治禪病秘要法

Zhi chanbing miyaofa. 2 fasc.; K 744, T. 620. Translation by Juqu Jingsheng 沮渠京聲: between the 8th and 25th days, 9th month, 2nd year of Xiaojian 孝建, Liu Song dynasty 劉宋 (October 4th-21st, CE 455) in Zhuyuan Monastery 竹園寺. A Central Asian meditation text which describes a series of healing meditations addressing diverse physical ailments, but mainly concentrates on controlling mental apparitions that hinder meditation, such as strong emotions, distractions, troubling visions, sounds, physical sensations, etc. The text introduces much complex visualization that uses animals, deities, colors, gemstones, and other objects, to counteract these.” — from DDB