Robert Smith: The Leader of Tomorrow

Robert Smith embodies the very essence of leadership among his peers, subordinates, and management. He was recently awarded with the prestigious Department of Defense leadership award for his efforts to recruit veterans into the workplace. In order for this to be accomplished, Robert traveled around the nation to various military bases to speak to upcoming […]

Tom Kane: Man Of The Year

Tom Kane is not a CEO; he is not an influential political figure or a military leader, but to many people, Tom is a person they will confide in, listen to and trust.  Leadership, after all, is a human endeavor.  It is the interaction between one human and another that defines leadership, and Tom has […]

Leader, Coach, Mentor

A Leader, Coach, Mentor   Dave McDowell was a High School Physical Education Teacher, wrestling Coach and girls softball coach for over thirty years.  He had a positive influence on so many students and athletes throughout his long career.   Dave started out as a Marine and later became a Drill Sergeant before starting his […]

The Magic of Walt Disney

The famous Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney possessed many traits of a leader including his drive and responsibility to task completion and his ability to be empathetic and to others’ situations and understand why they feel the way they do. […]

Leadership in Corporate Retail

In the world of retail, things change almost too frequently to keep up with. Sales change, companies are competing for business, marketing teams are doing everything that they possibly can to keep up with the ever changing ecosystem that is retail. When you add the extra level of the fluid and rapidly changing world of […]

Into Hell with a Smile

These days leadership is not what it used to be. It seems they are a needle in a hay stack…the size of Texas. Often times a trailblazer arises and restores faith in humanity. That man is John French and he is here to revolutionize the way leaders are supposed to act. Deviating from century old […]

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