A leader for everyone: Walt Elias Disney

A Leader for everyone: Walt Elias Disney

Born in Chicago Illinois on December 5, 1901. Walt E. Disney was a transformational leader. He inspired his followers.

He used the beliefs and morals of his associates to motivate them to complete tasks. Walt E. Disney and his followers raised one another to higher levels of achievement and morale.

A leader who encouraged participation in decisions. He works with employees to determine what to do and how to do it best. He was a leader that focused on meeting human needs (Dobbs, 2018).

During the most difficult times is when a leader makes the differences. When faced with setbacks, Walt Disney’s relentless work ethic propelled him toward cutting-edge innovation and professional success (Dobbs, 2018).

Walt Disney never accepted defeat, he built an empire off of the well-planned, methodical decision-making, determination and perseverance (Dobbs, 2018).

Walt Disney set the template for wholesome family entertainment worldwide, including, theme parks, movies, television channels, and a wide range of merchandising.

Leadership Characteristics of Walt Disney

Creative                                                     Appreciative                           Influential

Optimistic                                                 Respectful                              Communicative

Motivating                                                Sharing                                   Family Oriented


He had a vision for something better than himself. He created a sense of purpose and meaning in his projects. A purpose to entertain people and make them laugh.

A purpose that over 50 years later, children, young’s, and adults sill laughing and entertain with his ideologies. As he said, “Wish upon a star” (Northouse, 2015).





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