Andrea F. – Transformational Leadership – from Nursing to Business Operations

Andrea F., Vice President of Operations, has ascended in nursing leadership throughout the course of her career.  Earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Kent State University in 1988, she held several nursing roles at a local and well-known academic teaching hospital.  Andrea grew in her leadership roles: nursing supervisor, nurse manager, unit director, quality and safety director, and VP of Patient Care.  During her role transitions, she earned her master’s degree in education in 1992, also from Kent State.  In nursing, transformational leadership is a highly desired trait of a leader.  Clinical leaders typically lead through role modeling, encouragement, and charisma.  Followers have high respect and trust for charismatic leaders because they observe integrity in the leader.  (Northouse, 2018).

Andrea drove her career of nursing leadership toward business operations in 2007 when she ventured into Hospitalist Medicine.  She has carried over many positive behaviors that are seen in transformational leadership including intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation, and individualized consideration.  This is critical in her role due to the pure need for exemplary relationship building with different hospital systems’ administrations.  The administration hears her genuine desire for positive change and the room lights up with new-found excitement and energy.  They feel a sense of empowerment and engagement toward the organizational goal because she has impressed the importance of their work.

Nichols (2016) discusses the feedback loop for leaders regarding increased experience and learning.  More experienced leaders seek out additional resources and education about the aspects of desirable leadership.  Nichols also pointed out that there are observable differences in male versus female leaders, but that additional research is needed.

Andrea’s most cited positive leadership impact among her team of Program Directors, RN Coordinators, and Administrative Assistants is her authentic individualized consideration of each as an individual.  In the last 3+ years, there has been no employee turnover that has Andrea as a direct supervisor, which speaks volumes to her approach to operations and staff management.  Northouse (2018) describes individualized consideration as “leaders who provide a supportive climate in which they listen carefully to the individual needs of followers”. (p. 171).  Andrea is consistently referred to as warm and friendly, a welcoming trait for all who have the opportunity to work with her.


Northouse, P. G. (2018). Leadership: theory and practice (8th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

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