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Welcome to the Lindner Laboratory at Penn State in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Simply stated: our work couples molecular parasitology and structural biology to understand the malaria parasite (Plasmodium spp.), so that we can identify and exploit weaknesses in the parasite’s development and transmission.

We are fortunate to have many great colleagues on campus that focus on complementary areas of malaria research (Center for Malaria Research at Penn State), infectious diseases (Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics, Center for Molecular Immunology and Infectious Diseases), as well as on the biochemistry and molecular biology of critical, relevant pathways in model organisms and other important pathogens (Center for RNA Molecular Biology).

lindner-lab-20160909-msc-small-file-sizeLindner Lab (Sept 9th, 2016)
Front Row (L-to-R): Steve Griffin, Laura Bowman, Erin Vrana, Amanda Reese
Back Row (L-to-R): Kevin Hart, Allen Minns, Mike Walker, Scott Lindner, Tracey Besemer, Dean Taylor, Kelly Rios


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Latest News for the Lindner Lab (Get the full version at the Lindner Lab News Page)

Mike Walker has received a Huck Graduate Research Innovation (GRI) grant! This work will help support his efforts to use CRISPR in the malaria parasite. Congrats, Mike! (20170615)

I (Scott) just got word that TWO R21’s that we are a part of will be funded! The first is our solo proposal for CRISPR’ing Plasmodium, the second (subcontract with KK Ojo, U. Washington) is for developing combination drug partners for Plasmodium. Needless to say… WE’RE HIRING!! (20170605)

Erin Vrana gave an incredible Poster Talk at the American Society for Microbiology annual meeting (ASM Microbe) in New Orleans, LA. See a photo here. (20170602)

Tyler Earp has joined the Lindner Lab as a Research Technologist 1 to support our mosquito rearing and mouse experiments, with his own project soon to be determined. Welcome, Tyler! (20170530)

I (Scott) was profiled in the new MicroNow site from American Society for Microbiology (ASM) for my talk on our work on CRISPR in Plasmodium. (20170526)

Our paper in PLOS Pathogens was one of the Top 50 most cited in 2016! This describes the surface proteomics and glycomics of Plasmodium sporozoites. (20170525)

Amanda Reese, Erin Vrana, and Laura Bowman graduated with their BS degrees this past weekend! We’ve been so fortunate to work with you. Best luck in the next chapters at Vandy, Austria, and South America! (20170508)

Erin Vrana has been awarded 1st Place for her presentation at the Penn State Undergraduate Research Expo out of hundred of students! What an accomplishment! Erin’s poster will be displayed in Old Main for the rest of the semester, and will receive a plaque and some cold hard cash. What a tremendous honor, Erin! (20170407)

Erin Vrana‘s abstract for the ASM Microbe Meeting was selected as an Outstanding Student Abstract Award! Erin will present her work on an essential RNA-binding protein in NOLA this June. Congrats, Erin! (20170329)

I (Scott) received the Notice of Grant Award (NGA) for our R01 application with NIAID, which focuses on translational regulation during Plasmodium transmission! Banner day for the Lindner Lab! (20161031)

Kelly Rios passed her Candidacy Exam and is now a Ph.D. Candidate in the Lindner Lab! Nicely done, Kelly! (20161013)

Kevin Hart is on a roll… he was selected to give a full talk for the Rustbelt RNA Meeting (RRM) in Cleveland, OH! This is a meeting focused on RNA biology, and Kevin will represent the work we’re doing in the malaria parasite. Keep it up, Kevin! (20161013)

Kevin Hart was selected to give a Turbo Talk at the Molecular Parasitology Meeting at Woods Hole, MA. This is one of the most important conferences for our field, so this is a big deal! Congrats, Kevin! (20160908)

Kevin Hart has just gotten word that he’s received the Huck Institutes Graduate Research Innovation Award (GRIP)! This award will help to support Kevin’s work on RNA-tags in Plasmodium spp, and is quite the feather in his cap. Nicely done, Kevin! (20160621)

A press release on our recent efforts to identify surface-exposed proteins on the sporozoite form of the malaria parasite has gotten some interest in the press. See the original press release here. (20160527)

I (Scott) and colleagues at CIDR, ISB, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard have just published our surface proteomics and glycomics findings for the P. falciparum (human infectious) salivary gland sporozoite. These proteins are experimentally validated to be surface exposed, and may be an ingredient list for a better subunit malaria vaccine. See the article at PLoS Pathogens here. Read a brief from the Institute for Systems Biology here. My co-author Kristian Swearingen also spoke about this work recently. (20160429)

Erin Vrana has been awarded a prestigious 2016 American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Undergraduate Research Fellow. Along with support for summer research, Ern will also be given funds to the annual ASM Microbe meeting in May 2017 in New Orleans. You’re on a roll, Erin! (20160428)

Erin Vrana won the Phi Kappa Phi Award for Outstanding Junior Poster for Health/Life Sciences at the Penn State Undergraduate Research Expo! It comes with a cash prize and the opportunity to hob-nob with the big wigs of Penn State at a reception in Old Main. Congrats, Erin. (20160412)

Steve Griffin has been awarded an Erickson Discovery Grant to support his research efforts for the Summer 2016. Congrats, Steve! We’ll see you a lot more this summer! (20160412)

Kelly Rios got the chance of a lifetime: She was Tom Cech‘s assistant for the classic Chemistry Demo of “What Gas Is In This Balloon?” when Tom visited Penn State recently. Check out the video! (20160407)


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The Lindner Laboratory is housed in the Millennium Science Complex, which brings together a variety of top-notch research groups to build an interdisciplinary, collaborative environment.



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