As project co-chair of Circle K, I wanted to take a closer look at the club’s mission statement. It is: “Developing college and university students into a global network of responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service.” My favorite part of this statement is the idea that service is not temporary; it is a way of life. To improve my leadership this year, I hope to help Circle K members realize how they can incorporate service into their future careers.

At the retreat we discussed the idea of mutuality and how it is important for people to know why they are doing service. Are they doing it for the right reasons? What are their true intentions? I think it is easy for people to volunteer with the idea in mind that they are “heroes”, when in reality, there can be negative consequences if they are not fully aware of what they are doing. Volunteering should not be synonymous with steamrolling.

To improve my leadership, I want to become better informed — politically, socially, and culturally — to better understand the Penn State community and Circle K’s role in it. I would also like to talk to members one-on-one about why they do service; rather than being introspective and knowing my own reasons for doing things, I want members to have a solid reason for doing what they do. I do not want service to just be something they list on a resume.

-Alana Fiero

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