Thinking back on the retreat we had a Whipple Dam a few weeks ago I am starting to see how what we talked about is playing into how I, as a president of On My Honor, am directing my organization this semester.  My co-president, Madeline, and I have a hard time setting goals, not because setting goals is difficult, but because we become so engrossed in the service we are doing, we forget to think about how we want out organization to look once we leave. This year, we are starting to think about who is going to take our position after we resign in December. When we talked about SMART goals both at the retreat and in council meeting Madeline and I are starting to look more critically at how On My Honor will continue to thrive.

It was also really great to hear about other organizations and what they do. Sitting on council I never knew what other organizations really did – I knew about the service they participated in but not of the character and personality of the organization. I really enjoyed getting to know my peers on a deeper level and learning about their passions, what drives them, and why they chose to be leaders in such impactful organizations.

Thanks Philip and Amy for having us for a fun and engaging day! (also shout out to Amy for building a kickin’ fire)

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