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Hello and welcome to the Faculty Senate website for Mont Alto.

The Mont Alto Faculty Senate (MAFS), with authority vested by the University Faculty Senate of The Pennsylvania State University, is the legislative body of the faculty of Mont Alto. Through MAFS, the faculty provides input and authorizes action concerning a wide range of instructional, academic, organizational, and financial issues. MAFS is the principal vehicle for official dissemination of information and exchange of ideas within the campus faculty community. Full-time faculty form the core of voting MAFS members, though administration, staff, and students are also represented as voting members in accordance with guidelines specified in the MAFS Constitution. Part-time faculty are welcome and encouraged to attend and to participate fully. All regular MAFS meetings are open to the public.

The MAFS Executive Board serves as an initial vetting juncture for faculty queries, proposals, concerns, and motions to be brought before MAFS as a whole. The Executive Board decides on the appropriate means of pursuing individual issues, and sets the agenda for regular MAFS meetings.

Our header: Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy Kim Herrmann researches “nearby” dwarf galaxies as part of the LITTLE THINGS international collaboration.  Pictured are 16 of the 41 galaxy sample, all at the same physical scale.  Our galaxy, the Milky Way, would span more than half the image width at this scale.  Red indicates radio emission from neutral hydrogen gas, green indicates visible starlight, and blue indicates ultraviolet starlight.  The prime goal of LITTLE THINGS is to determine how tiny galaxies form stars.

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