Completed Courses

In my twenty-two semesters as a student at Penn State and through the Advanced Placement program in High School, I have taken wide variety of classes both within and outside Mechanical Engineering. Being in the Schreyer’s Honors College, I was able to take many of my courses, especially core-classes, at the Honors level, designated by the “H” suffix on the course number. Penn State designates Senior Elective classes at the 400 level and Graduate level classes at the 500 level.

SemesterCourse NumberCourse Name
F 2004ART 003Art of the Web
F 2003CAS 100ASpeech and Communications
S 2009C E 563Systems Optimization Using Evolutionary Algorithms
F 2002CHEM 012Chemistry I
S 2003CHEM 013Chemistry II
S 2003CMPSC 201CIntro to C++ and Matlab
F 2003CSE 120Intermediate C++
F 2003E MCH 011 (211)Statics
S 2004E MCH 012 (212)Dynamics
S 2004E MCH 013 (213)Strength of Materials
F 2004E MCH 215Mechanical Response of Engineering Materials
F 2004E MCH 216Experimental Determination of Mechanical Response of Materials
S 2010E MCH 507Theory of Elasticity and Applications
F 2007
S 2008
E MCH 514ESM Seminar
S 2008E MCH 516Mathematical Theory of Elasticity
F 2008E MCH 520Advanced Dynamics
F 2007E MCH 523Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation
F 2007E MCH 524AMathematical Methods in Engineering I
S 2008E MCH 524BMathematical Methods in Engineering II
F 2007E MCH 571Foundations of Structural Dynamics and Vibrations
S 2010E MCH 597ADynamics and Vibrations of Nonlinear Systems
F 2008
S 2009
F 2009
S 2010
F 2010
S 2011
F 2011
E MCH 600PhD Thesis Research
S 2012
F 2012
S 2013
E MCH 601PhD Thesis Research
Su 2009E MCH 5xxOverview of Statistical Dynamics
Su 2009E MCH 5xxOverview of Time Series Analysis
S 2003ECON 004Macro Economics
F 2002ED&G 100HIntroduction to Engineering Design and Graphics
F 2008EDSGN 497DInnovative Design
F 2010EDSGN 547Designing for Human Variability
S 2006EDSGN 597CSystems Design
F 2004EE 305Electrical Measuring Systems
F 2002ENG 030HFreshman Composition
S 2005ENG 202CTechnical Writing
F 2006ENGR 588 (888)Seminar for Engineering Teaching Assistants
F 2003ESACT 120Fencing I
F 2000HIST 020American History to 1877
S 2001HIST 021American History from 1877
F 2002I E 101SRobotics Seminar
S 2005I E 312Product Design Manufacturing Processing
S 2007I E 520Multiple Criteria Optimization
F 2009IST 522Models and Theories of Human-Computer Interaction
F 2005KINES 017Ballroom Dance
S 2004KINES 029Golf I
S 2009KINES 566Psychophysiology of Movement
F 2009KINES 575Experimental Methods in Biomechanics and Motor Control
S 2004M E 030HThermodynamics I
F 2004M E 031Thermodynamics II
F 2004M E 033HFluid Dynamics
F 2004M E 050Machine Dynamics
S 2005M E 051Mechanical Design
S 2005M E 054HVibration of Mechanical Systems
S 2005M E 082Mechanical Engineering Measurements
F 2005M E 087Integrated Design and Analysis
S 2006M E 412HHeat Transfer
F 2005M E 440Modeling Dynamic Systems
S 2007M E 460Reliability and Risk in Engineering
F 2005M E / E MCH 461Finite Element Analysis
F 2005
S 2006
M E 494HHonors Thesis
S 2006M E 497DEngineering Optimization
F 2005M E / E MCH 500Advanced Solid Mechanics
F 2010M E 547Designing for Human Variability
S 2009M E 555Automatic Control Systems
F 2009M E 559Nonlinear Control and Stability
S 2008M E 561Structural Optimization Using Variational and Numerical Methods
F 2006M E 563Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis
F 2006M E 597AInnovative Design with TRIZ
F 2006
S 2007
M E 600Master's Thesis
F 2001MATH 140Calculus I
F 2002MATH 141Calculus II
S 2003MATH 220HMatrices
S 2003MATH 231HCalculus III
F 2003MATH 251HDifferential Equations
S 2005MATH 418Statistics and Probability
S 2006MATH 451Numerical Computations
S 2004MATH 484Linear Programming
F 2005MATH 486Game Theory
F 2004MATSE 259Material Science
S 2003MUSIC 050Piano I
F 2002
S 2003
MUSIC 086Percussion Ensemble
F 2012PH207X (HarvardX)Health in Numbers: Quantitative Methods in Clinical & Public Health Research
S 2003PHYS 211Mechanics
F 2003PHYS 212Electricity and Magnetism
S 2004PHYS 213Fluids and Statics
S 2004PHYS 214Quantum and Optics
S 2001POLISCI 001American Politics
F 2002POLISCI 003Comparative Politics
S 2013STAT2.1X (BerkeleyX)Introduction to Statistics: Descriptive Statistics 
F 2015MITX: 6.00.1xIntroduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python
F 2015ColumbiaX: DS101XStatistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics
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