The Nectar Pill

Passion blog 5 “Now, I am holding the most precious nectar pill that had been blessed by my Guru. Who should I give it to?” In Tibetan Buddhism, there are many distinct traditions and practices which are mysterious and interesting. For example, many of the famous Gurus make nectar pills, and they are meant to … [Read more…]


“I know what is going on, and you will be fine.” It was the first year I came to America. I arrived at Newark airport in New Jersey, and the little 15-year-old Chinese girl started her journey in a foreign country. I remember it was a late summer night, and the heat added more anxiety … [Read more…]

The History

“Guru, why are you still working so hard”, I asked. “Because of love”, he whispered. The Xilai Temple was built in the Northern Wei dynasty around 460 to 495. It was one of the first few royal monastery temples built on the Wutai Mountain. It is founded around a natural spring. The water source is … [Read more…]

The Korean Monk

“Do people have a path in their life?” “I think so.” Do you feel that things happen to you, the world you see, or people you encounter seem to be destined? There is always a driving power behind your motivation. You don’t really have a choice to choose what happens to you. Good or bad, … [Read more…]

Journey to the West

“Mom, why do I need a belief?” “Dear, this is not a belief. It is to become who you are.” Have you ever pondered some “stupid” question like “why am I a girl”, or “why oranges taste like oranges”? Well, probably not as silly as mine. However, these questions could lead to a further discovery … [Read more…]