2012 Projects









Access Roads Impact on Habitat – By: Ryan Parisi

Avian Bird Fragmentation – By: Ariel Ries

Eco-industrial Park (EIP) Solutions – By: Daniel Laimer and Sunho Kim

Flexible Futures – By: Michael Humes and Chris Maurer

Flooding Risks of Gas Development – By: Elliot Shibley and Emily Carlson

Gathering Pipeline Development – By: Megan Prikockis and Danielle Sette

Invasive Species – By: Rick Hammond

Land Conservation – By: Preston Linck

Model Workforce Village – By: Sal Aquilina

Planning Forestry – By: Ryan Walker

Small Towns Development of Sullivan County – By: Luke Zeller

Sustainable Small Town Growth – By: Jeannie Ryan

**Keep in mind that the final projects may have developed differently than what the description entails.