Aging in Place:

Considerations On Whether to Live in Rural Pennsylvania with Marcellus Shale for Young Adults and Retirees

Aging in Place

Energy Futures:

When considering options for energy, knowing what is available, and what you want go a long way in helping you make the decision to use the resources you already own.  Would you like to be self-sustaining with energy on your property?  Would you like to add some extra income to your budget? Perhaps you would just like to help provide cleaner energy and greater fuel independence for the American economy.  One, or a combination of these can help guide you towards the best option for you and your land.  The future of energy involves many individual landowners, and information allows everyone to make the best decisions for the future.

Energy Futures

Fall Color Tourism:

Pennsylvania tourism is vital to the state’s economy and provides jobs to thousands of people. It is especially beautiful during the autumn months. Both residents and visitors travel across the state, stopping at cultural and natural destinations to eat, photograph, shop and explore. Follow along and discover the Pennsylvania Wilds from a Leaf Peeper’s perspective as they travel place to place experiencing Pennsylvania’s Fall Color Tourism. Use your mouse to click on points throughout the journey to learn more about each destination and how to get there. You will be traveling from local eateries and establishments to vast scenic vistas and overlooks. Come along for the ride! Important natural aspects of the landscape are represented by the red points on the map whereas the green points embody cultural or historical landmarks. These landmarks are not only important social features to the surrounding communities, but they also offer visitors a chance to experience the growth and change to the Pennsylvania landscape. On each destination tab, there will be a description and picture of the site as well as information as to why it is an important destination within the Pennsylvania history and landscape. Additional information and resources are also located at the bottom of the description.

Fall Color Tourism

Habitat and Corridors:

Implications and Strategies of Landscape Alterations related to Marcellus Shale and Non-Marcellus Shale Activities
Habitat and Corridors 2

Historic Route 6:

A hypothetical trip along Route 6 in Tioga County, PA. This hypothetical trip is made to explore Route 6’s tourism potential in Tioga County where Marcellus shale gas drilling is affecting the local communities. A successful road trip planning not only helps the community in economy, but also in maintaining sense of place. This is day trip story starts at Mansfield and ends at Galeton. The visitor is at the age of 25, driving along Route 6 with friends to spend a weekend day in Tioga County. During this pleasant trip, he and his friends will see beautiful rural landscape of Pennsylvania Northern Tier and some historic small towns around Route 6, like Wellsboro. They’ll also participate in local activities like shopping, dinning and some outdoor activities in the state park forests. It is a slow pace trip yet there are lots of tourism resource to see and enjoy. This hypothetical trip implies a possible development path for Tioga County during the booming of Marcellus gas drilling.

Historic Route 6 2

Sense of Place:

Relating the past to the present

Sense of Place

Water as a Threat and Asset:

This story map illustrates the small watersheds with the greatest number of resources found in Tioga County that people in the region would consider assets and/or threats.

Water as an Asset and its Threats


Winners and Losers:

There are conflicts between those who benefit from gas development and those who do not are demonstrated in this storymap.

Winners and Losers