Mobile Applications

The ‘Marcellus by Design’ project’s goal is to provide communities and stakeholders with the ability to ask geospatially informed questions about their landscape, and livelihoods.  As a tool for reaching this goal, we explore the potential applications of Storymap and App Studio for ArcGIS. Our work focuses on an array of environmental themes, packaging together a variety of spatial layers such as census data, hydrology, and transportation. Through narratives, we explore the broader context of these themes and shale gas exploration.

A central objective is to communicate complex spatial concepts to communities in a more accessible format. To do so, we started by identifying key topics such as habitat conservation, scenery protection and water resource protection.  Narratives addressing different aspects of these themes were analyzed and turned to StoryMaps in the ArcGIS online platform. Using AppStudio for ArcGIS, map tours were turned into mobile apps to improve user accessibility and flexibility of information use, thus creating opportunities for feedbacks. The map tours briefly introduce the cultural and environmental resources as well as potential risks to these entities.

These are the examples of story map we have developed so far:

Route 6

Pennsylvania Fall Color

Potential Water Risks

Hamer Center Projects