2014 STUDIO:

Tioga County

This depth studio addresses landscape design and rural landscape planning associated with resource extraction, including design issues affecting communities in target watersheds.  The class focuses on scenario development and impact assessment in the context of landscape conservation.

Project Topics:

Food, Water, and Energy Futures               Habitat and Corridors               Historic Sites and Landscapes

Recreation                     Route 6                Sense of Place                          Water



2013 STUDIO:

Sullivan County


Project Topics:

Camouflaging Conflict                               Drawing Dushore                              Eco-Tourism Exploration

Land Use and Water Quality                   Loyalsock Conservation                   Pipeline Corridor Ecology

Preservation by Design                             Ridgeline Protection                         Stormwater Mitigation

Sustainable Watershed: Energy             Sustainable Watershed: Food         Sustainable Watershed: Water





Sullivan County


Project Topics:

Access Road Impact on Habitat            Avian Bird Fragmentation            Eco-Industrial Park (EIP) Solutions

Flexible Futures                        Flooding Risks of Gas Development            Gathering Pipeline Development

Invasive Species                             Land Conservation                            Model Work Force Village

Planning Forestry            Small Town Development of Sullivan County            Sustainable Small Town Growth



2011 STUDIO: