markus_2_cleaned_small I am a Political Science graduate student at Penn State. I’ve come here after completing my Bachelor and Master’s degree at the University of Mannheim, Germany.

The fundamental question about politics that I am interested in is quite simple: What keeps politicians in (and out) of power? And so, elections and anything pertaining to them are my speciality. Election campaigns are a particular favorite of mine (my Master thesis investigates campaign events held by U.S. presidential candiates), as are fundraising and other Political Economy-related parts of the equation. As far as the electorate goes, I am particularly fascinated by public opinion and behavior online. Predicting election results, the incumbency advantage and legislative politics are further areas of study I am interested in.

I am also very passionate about the development and application of quantitative methods. To aid my interests in the aforementioned topics, I am quite invested in complementary statistical methods such as survival models and network analysis. I also like to employ game theory as well as new methods enabled by the availability of ‘big data’ and the abundance of processing power, such as machine learning.