Lesson Plans to Share

As part of the Penn State RET program in nanomaterials, each teacher writes a lesson plan to take back to their classroom and try out. Below are some of the recent lesson plans tailored to be shared with other teachers who are interested in adding materials science to their physics, chemistry, math and technology curriculum.

2017 Lesson Plans

How index of refraction affects OLEDs (high school)

Emulsions (high school)

Hydrophyllic/Hydrophobic Surfaces on Glass Slides (5th grade)

Modeling Bioimaging in the classroom (high school)

Connecting the dots in Electricity (high school)

Investigating how Surface Chemistry and Topography influence surface wetting (high school)

2016 Lesson Plans

Salad Motors Lesson/Worksheet

Herbal Synthesis Student Workheet Herbal Synthesis Lesson

Measuring Capacitance Lesson Plan

Coffee Nanoparticle Synthesis Lesson Plan

“How clean is the air” Lesson Plan

Bubble Polyhedra Lesson Plan

Solubility_Lesson Plan

Soap Lesson Plan (2nd grade)

Antibacterial gel vs Bacteria Lesson Plan

2015 Lesson Plans

Hofmeister Phase transitions Lesson Plan  Click here to see a video!

Light Interaction with Matter Lesson Plan

Suncreen Math Lesson Plan

Science of Suncreen Lesson Plan

High Pressure High School Demos