Previous Projects

Below is a summary of project titles from previous years, as well as actual  Lesson Plans (2015-2017) from more recently.

2017 Projects:

  • Investigating the Effects of Chemical Properties and Topography on Surface Wetting, Brian Hensel , Central Bucks HS West. Advisor: Dr. Christine Keating
  • Increasing the External Quantum Efficiency of an OLED by Altering the index of Fraction, Lisa Tarman, William Penn Senior High School, Advisor: Dr. Chris Geibink
  • Parasitic Cells, Maria Kuba State College High School. Advisor: Dr. James Adair
  • Construction of Dual Frequency Antenna for MRI Imaging of Rat Tail Disk Degeneration, John Clark, Deltona High School (Florida). Advisors: Mike Lanagan/Thomas Neuberger
  • What is Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic?, Rebecca Mapes, Riverside International School. Advisor: Dr. Christine Keating
  • Magnetic Field Tuning Droplet Color in Tri-phase Emulsions, Steven Schulz , Manheim Township High School, Advisor:Dr. Lauren Zarzar

2016 Projects

  • Let it Glow: The Unique Symbiosis of Vibrio fischeri and Euprymna scolopes Cheri McNeely Garner Middle School (Texas), Advisor: Nasim Alem
  • Nanochemistry and Coffee Maria Kuba Bald Eagle Area Middle/High School, Advisors: John Badding/Tom Mallouk
  • Salad Motors Lillian Eason Moshannon Valley High School, Advisors: Ayusman Sen/Tom Mallouk
  • Salting Out of Theroresponsive Polymers Christine Scanlon Wooster School (Connecticut). Advisor: Paul Cremer
  • Good, Clean Science Kristen Gormley Tyrone Area Middle School, Advisor: Christine Keating
  • STEM Meteorology: How Clean is Your Air? Mark Yeckley Glendale School District. Advisor: Christine Keating
  • The Science of Soap Martha Dombroski St. Rose of Lima School . Advisor: Christine Keating
  • Construction of a Birdcage Antenna for Imaging in a 14 Tesla Magnetic Field  John Clark Deltona High School (Florida), Advisors:  Mike Lanagan/Thomas Neuberger

2015 Projects

  •  Using Nanoparticles for the early identification and locality of diseases in the human body. Gilbert Amadi, Dorsey High School. Advisor: Dr.  James Adair
    UV-absorbance of C-Phycocyanin potentially as a-sunscreen pigment Sandy Ranstead Bina High School, Advisor: Dr. Christine Keating
  • Bismuth-and Antimony-based Perovskite Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Solar Cell Materials, Joseph Kollar Wyomissing High School , Advisor: Dr. Tom Mallouk
  • The Effect of Sodium Hydroxide Concentration on Tellurium Nanowire Length and Morphology, Robert White State College High School, Advisor:  Qi Li
  • Chemical Manipulation of Silver Phosphate Micromotors,  Steven Schulz  Manheim Township High School, Advisor:  Ayusman Sen
  • Exploring the Hofmeister series with PNIPAM, Stephen Stilianos  Somverville High School, Advisor: Paul Cremer
  • Under Pressure – Phase Change Demonstrations Douglas Schunk, State College High School. Advisor:  John Badding
  •  ZnO Friend or Foe? Nano Particles, Big Deal!Mark Yeckley ,Glendale School District, Advisor: Christine Keating
  •  Does Sunscreen = Protection from the Sun’s Harmful Rays?  You Do the Math! Martha Dombroski, St. Rose of Lima School, Advisor:  Christine Keating

Archive of Projects from 2009-2013