CoverGirl Cosmetic Commercials

One of the most popular commercials that easily draw the eyes of female viewers are the CoverGirl cosmetic commercials. The rhetoric CoverGirl includes in their commercials is very convincing. Their goal in trying to get women to invest in their multiple products is achieved through their skills in appealing to our logos, pathos, and ethos. I ask that you take a brief thirty seconds and quickly view this CoverGirl advertisement I included; and take notice of the use of these concepts throughout the persuasive commercial featuring Taylor Swift: You want to go out and buy some Natureluxe silk foundation now don’t you?

The key to their successful advertising lies within their tactics involving logos, pathos, and ethos. The commercial kicks off with Taylor Swift, an iconic star of the present, emerging from bright green silk currents “introducing a breath of fresh air.” This very scene playedin the first two seconds of the commercial appeals to our logos in that it takes our commonplace that freshness and nature are greatly valued now dueto the current green initiative. We view a popular idol asking females to take part in that green initiative by buying a product that has a sense of eco-friendliness. This sense is derived from the point Taylor mentions when she informs viewers that CoverGirl took out the “heavy synthetic” and put in light cucumber. The negative connotation society places upon such words like synthetic or processed appeals to our logos as we are convinced that we will using a more acceptable product in purchasing Naturluxe foundation. In addition, the point the ad makes in acknowledging the cost efficiency of the product appeals to our logos as well since society tends to favor cost effective products. Moreover, the advertisement  intrigues the audience through pathos. Specifically the ad features a montage of Taylor Swift floating and dancing around while wearing the advertised foundation. This image portrays happiness, satisfaction of body image, and overall femininity (all emotions or states that women would want to feel since our society praises such emotions/states). Finally, the commercial appeals to our ethos through the use of Taylor Swift being its featured promoter. The very character of Taylor Swifts allures audiences into believing that such a product must be worth while if the Taylor Swift is advocating buying the make-up. We associate Taylor Swift with beauty, success, and an overall positive image. Therefore we are more likely to spend money on a product she specifically endorses.

Ultimately, CoverGirl has mastered their techniques in advertising their products to audiences ranging from preteen girls to adult women. Their success is derived from their expert techniques in appealing to audiences logos, pathos, and ethos.

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  1. Pete Goodman says:

    Megan, this was a great analysis of the Covergirl commercial. You were able to successfully connect pathos, ethos, and logos to different elements of the commercial in a way that most of us do not normally think of. I definitely think that reviewing commercials for these three traits can determine it’s effectiveness at drawing in customers and is a tool that I will begin to use from now on.

  2. amg5834 says:


    Your analysis of this commercial is very insightful. It’s impressive that you were able to connect ethos, pathos and logos to this one commercial. From this class, I’m beginning to analyze advertisments thoroughly, so I can appreciate the thought you put into this blog.

    Also, I agree with you about how Taylor Swift is an appropriate spokeswoman. However, as for me, I don’t enjoy her too much. I feel that her “purity” is overly exaggerated, which makes me turn my head away from a commercial such as this one. Everyone is different, though, which is how some advertisements are deemed successful or not.

    Nice post for this week!

  3. kpg5077 says:


    I have always been intrigued by Covergirl commercials and advertisements. Covergirl has perfected its marketing approach as it is able to appeal to girls of all ages. Relating your passion blog to your RCL blog is the reality television show America’s Next Top Model. In America’s Next Top Model, contestants battle through a series of challenges including photo shoots and runway modeling. The winner is awarded with the opportunity to be a Covergirl. The contestants seem to value this award over all the other titles and prizes that go along with being “America’s Next Top Model.” This is evident of Covergirl’s pristine reputation among all women alike.

  4. Caroline Fenlin says:

    It’s so interesting to analyze Covergirl’s selection of spokeswomen– I agree that choosing a figure such as Taylor Swift appeals to us because she does have such a positive image. But Covergirl has also used figures such as Drew Barrymore and Rihanna– one could argue Rihanna currently has a less “clean” image than Taylor, while Drew Barrymore is very successful but as a youth battled drug addiction.

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