Combining Pedagogy, Technology and Creativity

Sunset reflected in Perkins Student Center at Penn State Berks
Sunset reflected from Perkins Student Center

Thank you for stumbling across my blog. If you stick around, you’ll notice that I’m attempting to process and document my experiences as I explore strategies for the design of memorable and effective instructional content for online and hybrid courses.

My undergraduate degree is in Communication Design and I’m a designer at heart. Effective communication design maximizes visual design elements to focus the reader’s attention and to clearly communicate the primary message. In this sense, the art and science of communication design is quite applicable to the design of online instructional resources. Effective eLearning resources guide the learner, focus their attention, and present content through a logical, clear, and purposeful approach. By leveraging my background and experience in both Communication Design and Instructional Design, I attempt to fuse creativity, pedagogy and technology to build effective learning experiences.

A learning “experience” is a result of much more than effectively designed content. Learning design is an exciting field which flourishes at the intersection of educational psychology, pedagogy, communication and technology. Selecting an appropriate instructional technology solution involves careful analysis, creative application, thoughtful implementation, and willingness to tweak and try again. I enjoy guiding faculty through this process as they seek new approaches for teaching and learning.

Learning something new each day keeps me happy. I hope you learn something new on these pages.

P.S. One of my hobbies is upcycling old furniture. If you’re curious about the banner image on my site, it’s a digital collage I created from a Pennsylvania Dutch inspired folk art design I painted on an old chair.