Prof. Miguel Mostafá

  • Anisotropy studies with ultra-high energy cosmic rays
  • Very-high energy gamma rays from gamma-ray bursts
  • Extragalactic diffuse emission
  • Galactic Center above 100 GeV
  • Multi-messenger studies with cosmic rays, gamma ray, neutrinos, and gravitational waves
  • Next generation detectors


Postdoctoral research associates

Dr. Azadeh Keivani

s200_azadeh.keivaniAstrophysical Multi-Messenger Observatory Network

  • Correlation between neutrinos and other multi-messengers





Dr. Foteini Oikonomou11012915_10100606502957040_6777767007298442516_n

Pierre Auger Observatory

  • Spectrometry studies with ultra-high energy cosmic
  • Search for EeV photons
  • Real-time selection of cosmic rays for multi-messenger correlations


Dr. John Pretz

DSC_0244High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory

  • Extragalactic diffuse emission
  • Spectra of Galactic sources
  • Selection of very-high energy gamma rays for multi-messenger correlations


Dr. Salesa Greus

 2011-11-16 12.34.57Pierre Auger Observatory

  • Search for Galactic sources of EeV neutrons
  • Anisotropy studies at EeV energies

High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory

  • Detector calibration
  • Gamma ray spectrum of the Crab Nebula
  • Galactic sources of very-high energy gamma rays


Dr. Gordana Tešić

1ca372dAstrophysical Multi-Messenger Observatory Network

  • Real-time multi-messenger correlations
  • Detection of primordial black holes
  • Correlations between PeV neutrinos and GeV gamma rays




Graduate students

Alan Coleman


 Pierre Auger Observatory

  • Reconstruction of ultra-high energy cosmic rays
  • Study of the Universality Principle to determine the mass composition of cosmic rays



Kelly Malone

MaloneHigh Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory

  • Event-by-event energy measurement
  • Hadron rejection
  • Gamma ray spectra above 100 GeV
  • Search for new TeV gamma ray sources



Kathryne Sparks Woodle

2014-05-20 12.33.47High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory

  • Search for very-high gamma ray emission from gamma ray bursts




Undergraduate students

Sylvia Biscoveanu

10624923_10154725426615268_8057747340233595465_nPierre Auger Observatory

  • Measurement of the composition of ultra-high energy cosmic rays using the principle of universality
  • Anisotropy studies for selected mass groups





Allen Foster

  • Setup of mini-arrays to detect muons using scintillators and water Cherenkov detectors

Pierre Auger Observatory

  • Search for transient events and ultra-high energy photons

Astrophysical Multi-Messenger Observatory Network

  • Selection of cosmic rays for real-time triggers


Bryan Reynolds



Pierre Auger Observatory

  • Search for the source(s) of the highest energy cosmic rays




Former team members

Harris Bern, Syracuse University

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