I am a sixth year Ph.D. candidate at the Pennsylvania State University with concentrations in international relations and quantitative methodology.   My research has been published in The Journal of Politics, The European Journal of International Relations, Conflict Management and Peace Science, and PLOS ONE.

My primary research interests center on the relationship between domestic political institutions and conflict processes with an emphasis on civil-military relations.  I am in the process of completing my dissertation, which explores the concept of civilian control, or the extent to which military elites refrain from using their coercive power to directly intervene in politics. As part of this project I use latent variable modeling techniques to develop a novel, cross-sectional measure of civilian control and identify how this concept both affects and is affected by civil and interstate conflict processes.   My broader research program encompasses a variety of topics, including the development of novel data collection techniques, the effect of military intervention on civil conflict settlement, and the relationship between alliance formation and extended deterrence.