Diversity at Arts Fest: Different Color Schemes and Patterns

I enjoyed walking around Arts Fest a lot more than I thought I would have. Every piece of art was very different and unique in its own way. Something that stood out to me and my partner, Pat, was the diversity of the colors each art piece displayed. The way the colors were presented in the art really emphasized the culture and showed the diversity throughout Arts Fest.


Here are some earrings we found that were very colorful and obviously different than earrings we are used to seeing in our American culture. The different colors and patterns really emphasize the uniqueness to the earrings.


Its hard to believe this was hand made. This beautiful necklace portrays beautiful color scheme. We thought this necklace displayed the Native American culture through its color and Native like patterns.


This colorful quilt really shows the diversity of color throughout Arts Fest. All of the different patches of color and pattern represent a special aspect to the culture.


This was my favorite piece we captured. This picture depicts a piece of jewelry from another culture. The colors are all so different, yet they look superb together. Its really amazing to look at and the colors make the culture stand out strong.

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