Welcome to the mass spec facility blog!

The idea behind this blog is to have a place where we can share what we have learned, keep you up to date on the instrument status and the status of your samples, answer your questions, and maybe even have some fun in the process.

Your friendly mass spectrometrists

Dr. Tatiana Laremore, Director (tnl1@psu.edu)

Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM by appointment

March 5 2014

James Miller, Technologist (jrm112@psu.edu)

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You can find us in the basement of Althouse, room 003 between 8:30 AM and 5 PM. We take our lunch break between noon and 1 PM, and sometimes even go on vacation! Give us a call at 814-863-3503 or send us an e-mail if you would like to set up a meeting.

You can find us on the web http://www.huck.psu.edu/facilities/proteomics-mass-spectrometry-up