Submitting samples

Penn State researchers

The Proteomics and MS Core Facility is now part of the iLab Solutions instrumentation management system. We can only accept samples from researchers whose PIs have accounts within the iLab. To activate your iLab account using your PSU credentials (PIs and other researchers), please follow these instructions (5-minute process). Contact your financial account manager or follow these instructions to add a budget in iLab. YouTube videos with detailed overview of iLab system are here: user training (30 min), PI training (40 min)

PI-Requesting access to unrestricted account

Activating your iLab account

QR codes and links to the instructions on wiki

External researchers

We ask academic, nonprofit, and industry researchers outside the Penn State system to request a quotation for our services through Science Exchange (right sidebar). Currently, our external services are limited to MALDI TOF MS and MALDI Biotyper. Please contact Tatiana for details.

Analysis request forms

The analysis request forms are for our internal use, they help us track the samples and the type of analytical information you expect.

If you are submitting gel bands, proteins in solution or proteolytic digests for protein identification, quantitation, or confirmation, please fill out Protein ID Request form. Examples of filled out Protein ID Request forms give you an idea of what information you should provide.

Protein ID Request form 2011

For polymer analysis by MALDI TOF, please fill out Polymer Analysis Request form.

Polymer Analysis Request form 2015

For other analyses, including nucleic acids and small molecules, you can fill out MS Analysis Request form.

MS Analysis Request form 2011

MALDI Biotyper

Sample submission guidelines, sample preparation protocols, and the list of supplies and reagents

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