This webpage presents research work by a lab group in the Aerospace Engineering department at Penn State University, led by Professor Namiko Yamamoto.  Our research focus is on experimental studies of multi-functional nano-/micro-engineered materials for aerospace applications.

Dr. Yamamoto’s expertise is experimental studies of nano-/micro-structured materials aimed for aero/astro applications.   Her research goal is to design and deliver novel, functional materials, such as light-weight cellular structures, polymer nano-composites, porous (metallic) structures for applications in thermal management, unconventional effective mechanical properties, EMI/radiation shielding, smart actuation and sensing, and more.  She approaches this goal by obtaining science knowledge on multi-scale structure-property relationship, and also by establishing scalable manufacturing technologies.  Her technical capability includes fabrication (manipulation and structuring of nano-/micro-particles, processing in cleanroom, and processing of polymers and their composites) and characterization (2D/3D morphology using visual and quantitative inspections, mechanical/thermal/electrical testing on multiple scales, etc.).  Her previous work includes multi-functional fiber-polymer composites reinforced with carbon nanotubes, and micro bi-lattices with ultra-low coefficient of thermal expansion.