My name is John Ochoa, and I am an Associate Professor at Penn State University. I work for the College of Liberal Arts, and mostly teach about Latin American and U.S. literature, including Latinx literature.

This page contains general information for students, colleagues, and curious onlookers. I have posted, in the above header tabs, some very basic documents for those who would like to see:

A) The very precise nature of my grading policies for undergraduate classes

B) Examples of recent course syllabi

C) How and when to ask for letters of recommendation

D) My standard handout with proofreader’s marks (for re-writing Spanish prose assignments)

E) My standard form for evaluating class presentations in upper-division Spanish classes

F) Information for Schreyer Honors Students looking to work with me for their theses

G) Information for graduate students looking to work on dissertations with me

H) A link to my research site, with my publications and CV at ACADEMIA

I) Contact information