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Savoring The Civil Wars

When browsing my music library, looking for something to write about, I noticed I hadn’t included my favorite duo, The Civil Wars. I couldn’t believe this because I adore them so much, but I guess maybe I have spent so… Continue Reading →

Oh How I Love Hozier

Here we are, halfway through the semester, and I think that I’ve snapped out of my mood of only wanting to listen to music that my parents like (oops). For the past year or so, I have been listening to… Continue Reading →

My View on Van Morrison

                This week’s album is again focused on music that is before our time. I really felt like this was an important thing to do because these albums are the ones that have… Continue Reading →

Fleetwood Mac Musings

Looking back at my previous posts, I noticed that I had only reviewed modern pop albums. This inspired me to start going in a different direction: classic rock. When I was younger I always hated it when my parents would… Continue Reading →

Illuminating The Lumineers

It’s a new year, but I’m still caught up in the same music I was listening to last year. I find it increasingly difficult to find new albums to listen to because I am so so busy at school. Instead,… Continue Reading →

Don’t Panic!

          Seriously, don’t panic. It’s just time for me to review Panic! At the Disco! Since their first hit in 2005, this band hailing from Vegas has built a loyal following. It started out with four… Continue Reading →

Bastille, Baby

Hey guys, so in case you didn’t know what today is, it’s Bastille Day! This day, also known as French National Day, is celebrated due to the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution, turning the tide. So, “Why… Continue Reading →

Feelin’ Florence

.   During this week, I was feeling particularly sad about the music situation. I thought back to when I would bring my waterproof speaker in the shower with me so that I could blast it and sing along when… Continue Reading →

Jon B. Beats

Yay! Its Jon B. week! Jon Bellion, a breakout artist and songwriter who has been making waves in the pop industry lately, happens to be one of my favorite musicians. I’m not gonna go all hipster on you and say… Continue Reading →

Looking back at Lorde

        So, each week in my blog, I’ll be doing my best to provide my honest opinion on an album of my choosing. In celebration of Lorde’s new release, Melodrama, I’ll be discussing her debut album, Pure… Continue Reading →

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